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The Weekender

  • The Weekender

The Weekender

Each Saturday morning Kevin Poulton explores what is happening around the Albury/Wodonga region.

From updating listeners with 2AY's extensive 7 day Local News, playing music that they love, plus discovering helpful advice from local lifestyle experts.

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The Journey for BMG Partners, Episode 6: Principal of Scots School, Peggy Mahy

NRL Tips - Round 2 (Adrian Purtell)

Increased Appetite In Your Pet - What Could Be Wrong?

Setting The Price To Sell Your House

Darkness May Descend on East & West Albury Friday April 13th

NRL Tips - Round 1 2018 (Adrian Purtell & Luke Arcus)

Choosing A Real Estate Agent - Will Bonnici

Samsung S9 Preview - Ben Quick

Latest Cruise Locations Available - Jacqui Nelson

Motor Reconditioning - Valiant Pacer Slant 6

The Journey for BMG Partners, Episode 5: Local Chef and Owner of Miss Amelie, David Kapay

Motor Reconditioning

Sharing Your Internet Across Long Distances

Real Estate - Removing The Emotion When Selling The Family Home

Escape to Europe - The Winter Wonderland

Ben Quick Explains How To Boost Mobile Phone Reception

Dr Justin Clancy - Is Your Cat Vaccinated For This Virus?

Andy Stuart Has Innovative New Claddings For Your New Home/Renovation

Wool Market Update with Elders Expert Rex Bennett

Will Bonnici looks at Renovating VS Moving to a new home

Ben Quick explains why West Albury has a while longer to switch to NBN

Travel Expert Jacqui Nelson explains the best time to book your holidays and travel

Andy Stuart explains retaining walls

History of the weekly Sunday Rotary Market (Now the Kiewa Street Market)

Pets: Resident Vet Dr Justin Clancy highlight the importance of exercising your dog

Real Estate : Millennials VS Baby Boomers Will Bonnici discusses the next 5 years

Elders Expert : Agronomist Chris Toohey discusses the 2017 Season

Rod Halsted discusses cleaning unsightly bubble gum off paths

Ben Quick discusses the best NBN available in your area

Andy Stuart discusses selecting the right pavers for your yard

Weekender Real Estate: Will Bonnici - Is there such a thing as a bargain in real estate?

The Journey for BMG Partners, Episode 4: Local Football Identity and Businessman, Paul Spargo

Weekender Real Estate: Will Bonnici answers your real estate questions, the first "Do Landlords Have To Supply Air Conditioning?"

Elders Experts Nick Lodge & Heather Ford discuss Agri Finance

Dr Justin Clancy discusses Pancreatitis in Pets

Ben Quick discusses alternatives to connecting to the NBN

Andy Stuart discusses Window Selection for your new home or renovation

Weekender Real Estate: Will Bonnici talks about Pets in Rental Properties and potential changes being debated around victorian legislation

Ben Quick talks about what happens when they switch off the copper phone network

Weekender Travel: Jacqui Nelson talks tailor-made travel itineraries for those that don't like traveling in groups

Rod Halsted talks cleaning commercial areas and sporting surfaces

Dr Justin Clancy has tips to keep yor pets cool during Summer

Weekender Real Estate Episode 12: Will Bonnici talks about where kids could live when leaving home to study at university​

Ben Quick from Reconnect Communications explains when the existing West Albury landlines will be switched off

Elders Expert Brett Shea gave a market update following a big week of sales at Barnawatha's Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange

Rod Halsted from HILO Wash discusses the importance of keeping outdoor areas clean, including shade cloth and around pool areas.

Weekender Real Estate Episode 11: Will Bonnici talks about what to do once you've found your dream home

The Journey Episode 2, For BMG Partners - Kev explores the life of the man behind the colourful suits; Steve Bowen

Dr Justin Clancy talks about Pet care over Summer

Weekender Real Estate Episode 10: Will Bonnici shares ideas on how to improve your home

Travel Episode 6: Jacqui Nelson talks holidaying at Christmas time in 2018

Elders Expert Rob Martin talks products for your home

Weekender Real Estate Episode 9: Will Bonnici answers your Real Estate questions. Email your questions for Will anytime to

Rod Halsted from HILO Wash explains the importance of having a clean roof.

Dr Justin Clancy talks Grass Seeds in pets. Get more info at

Matt Hicks from Elders talks farming in Walla, and the new Walla Elders office. Get more info at

Weekender Real Estate Episode 8: Will Bonnici talks the advantages of renting rather than buying. Find more info at

Travel Episode 5: Jacqui Nelson has some great tips of packing for your next getaway. Get more info at

Weekender Real Estate Episode 7: Will Bonnici talks investing away from the Border.

Linda Coon from Coon's Dairy talks milk in our local area

Travel; Episode 4: Jacqui Nelson talks inter-generational travel and holidays you can do as a family.

Vet Dr Justin Clancy discussed the dreaded Paralysis Tick

Elders Rural's David Gittoes & Reg Coulston talk about the unprecedented demand and values on rural property, and the popularity of neighbour to neighbour transactions

Weekender Real Estate Episode 6: Will Bonnici answers your Real Estate questions

The Journey Episode 2, For BMG Partners - Kev catches up with the man behind the Beechworth Bakery Empire; Tom O'Toole

Weekender Real Estate Episode 5: Will Bonnici on listing your home prior to Christmas

Mark Gable of the Choirboys talks to Kev ahead of their November 18 show in Albury.

Dr Justin Clancy talk about Snake Bites On Pets

Weekender Real Estate Episode 5: Will Bonnici talks Landlord & Tenant Rights and Obligations​

Travel; Episode 3: Jacqui Nelson has 5 Great Reasons to Visit Canada

Michael Dahlenburg of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra's Hamer Quartet talks about the upcoming Albury performance on November 12th.

Weekender Real Estate Episode 4: Will Bonnici talks marketing & preparing Your home for sale​

Weekender Real Estate Episode 3: Will Bonnici answers your Real Estate Qestions.

The Weekender Travel Episode 2: Musical Getaways

Jacqui Nelson talks about music based travel, and just so happened to be with Beccy Cole on an Aussie camping tour

For B.M.G. Partners: The Journey

Episode 1: Joh Paynter

In this episode of The Journey, Kev Poulton catches up with Border Business Woman, Mum and passionate Border resident, Joh Paynter

Tallangatta 50's Festival

Steven Bowen chats with Kev Poulton about the huge event planned for Tallangatta.

Weekender Real Estate Episode 2: Investing in Albury/Wodonga

The Weekender's Real Estate expert, Will Bonnici, shared his gudie to investing in property in Albury/Wodonga with Kev Poulton.

The Weekender Travel Episode 1: Train Travel

From the Ghan and Indian Pacfic to the Rocky Mountaineer, Jacqui Nelson shared her tips on amazing Train Travel adventures with Kev Poulton on The Weekender.

The Weekender Real Estate, Episode 1: Tips for First Home Buyers

The Weekender's Real Estate expert, Will Bonicci, shares savvy tips for the first-home buyers.

Uiver Restoration

Pieter Mol, Uiver Restoration Trust Chair, caught up with The Weekender's Kev Poulton to discuss the restoration of this historic local icon.

Dave Reynolds' Great Race

Fresh from his 1st triumph in the V8 Supercars' Great Race at Bathurst, the Border's own David Reynolds caught up with The Weekender's Kev Poulton

The Weekender, every Saturday from 6 til 8 on the Border's Own 1494 2AY.

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