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Wood-Fired Oven

  • Wood-Fired Oven

Albury’s Community Wood-Fired Oven is fired up every second Sunday of the month…





Event Time

11am - 4pm


Hovell Tree Park



  • What everyone loves about an afternoon at Albury’s Community Wood Fired Ovens is the relaxed informal atmosphere…

  • Bring your own food to cook and the Oven Coordinator will assist you in creating something special…

  • There are no rules on what to bake. Just remember that anything you bake in your oven at home, you can bake in these ones.

  • Some suggestions on what to cook: Pizzas, roast meat and vegies, pies and quiches, cakes, scones and biscuits, bread and damper…

  • With two ovens on site, the wait time for your food to cook is minimal, your pizza will be cooked in less than five minutes and there is always room for more dishes in the other oven…

  • 11am-4pm at Hovell Tree Park…