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Burpees for Brain Surgery

  • Burpees for Brain Surgery

For Sarah Waters





Event Time

10 - 2


Baarmutha Park, Beechworth



Jane Archer, Sarah’s neighbor has pledged 1000 burpees for brain surgery – SOLO.

Beechworth Fitness is supporting her and helping by promoting teams to do burpees. Tag teams to reach 1000.  Individuals or teams register on the mycause page and get friends and family to sponsor them. All funds go to Sarah and family

Beechworth Music Festival will have their caravan there belting out tunes and any announcements that need to be made.

We will have a raffle of donations from local businesses.

Local businesses are supporting us by donating food/drink at discounted prices and all and any profit goes to the family.

We are looking for helpers on the day, not everyone has to do the burpees. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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