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Jack’s Walk for Veterans

Jack’s Walk for Veterans

A Teenager’s ANZAC Day Walk

A 15 year old will commemorate ANZAC Day by walking from the Mulwala RSL Dawn Service to the Bundalong Tavern, in full military kit, to raise money and awareness for veterans.

Jack Mcqualter-Whyte was inspired to play a part in supporting returned service men and women after learning about their struggles.

“I was looking at statistics behind our veterans who returned home from Afghanistan and other places suffering from PTSD, and thought it was pretty bad numbers and thought it would be a good thing to go out there and support them,” Jack told Kylie and Kev.

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The distance will be 16 kilometres, but there’s an extra sting in the challenge, with Jack committed to walking with a full military kit which includes a 25 kilogram back-pack.

Jack is raising money for three charities, Soldier On, Goorambat Veterans’ Retreat and Path of the Horse.

“I’ve got money for all of them to distribute evenly – they’re really good charities and they’re all on board,” Jack explained.

“We’ve already raised three thousand dollars, so that’s a thousand dollars for each. Donations are great, but even to get awareness out there and get people thinking about it is just as good as a donation.”

Jack’s walk for Aussie veterans has captured support from friends, family and the broader community.

“There’s a few mates from school who are going to run the start with me and we’ve got plenty of people who are going to run the last bit with me, so it will be a great moment,” Jack said.

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