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Vacc Rates Increase

Vacc Rates Increase

Albury lagging behind

Benalla is leading the North East when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination rates.

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The latest figures released show that 66.7 per cent of Benalla residents have had their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination, and 43.8 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Wangaratta is a little behind that, but still doing well, with 65.9 per cent receiving their first dose, and 39.7 per cent of residents double-vaxxed.

Wodonga has a lower rate of people receiving their first dose, at 60.1 per cent, but 35.4 per cent of residents are fully vaccinated.

Albury is the lowest, with 30.3 per cent of residents fully vaccinated and 58.9 per cent having received their first dose.

And trumping the lot is Mulwala, with a whopping 79 per cent of locals there vaccinated with one dose, and 39 per cent fully vaccinated.

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