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Us versus Them

Us versus Them

Freedom Day in the UK

In the blink of an eye it seems Australia has gone from the envy of the world to a country still going through lockdowns, restrictions and border closures.

Kylie and Kev caught up with a friend of the show in England, Harry Fowler who spoke about the so called ‘Freedom Day’ and what life is like in a country with a high vaccination rate.

“Freedom Day has sort of crept up on us because we’ve been less and less restricted over the last two or three months,” Harry said.

“We’ve got 90% of the adult population now have had the first dose and 70% have had both doses.

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“We’re moving to the point where there’s still huge numbers of people getting infected, 30 or 40 thousand a day, but the number of people going to hospitals and tragically dying is relatively small.

“The numbers are right down, so it really is working and the government is gambling on the vaccination winning,” he said.

In a comparison of ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’, Harry offers these observations.

“There are no masks. My postman turned up this morning with no mask for the first time in a year,” Harry said

“Some shops and restaurants are still asking people out of courtesy to wear masks but there is no compulsion to do so.

“You can stand at the bar at a pub, previously it was all table service. Cinemas and theatres have opened fully. We had 180,000 people at Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix on Sunday and 60,000 people watched the European final, so it’s just getting back to normal.

“I’ve been to the cricket a few times at Edgbaston which is pretty close to me, in a crowd of 18, 20 thousand or so, so there’s pretty much no rules now.”

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