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Unsealed Roads Need Work

  • Unsealed Roads Need Work

Plan to Decrease Speed Limits Criticised

Reports that the Victorian State Government will reduce speed limits on some unsealed country roads have not been welcomed by Nationals Member for Ovens Valley, Tim McCurdy.

The reported considerations by the Victorian Government coincide with a new social media campaign by the Traffic Accident Commission and Victoria Police that has also raised the issue of whether 100km/h is appropriate on unsealed roads.

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Mr McCurdy has called for increased funding and maintenance for the roads rather than a change to the speed limits, and urges affected motorists to voice their opinion.

"The lack of maintenance that's been going on under this Government is just despicable and instead of trying to reduce the speed limit, fix the damn roads. So there's an opportunity to have your say if you go, that'll take you to a website and you can have your say, your complaints and your issues about what this Government wants to do to our country roads."