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File photo: Covid testing

Truck Driver Feels Guilt

Truck Driver Feels Guilt

File photo: Covid testing

Man is facing a $10,000 fine

A Melbourne truck driver who visited a tyre store in Benalla and later tested positive to COVID-19, then reportedly hid information from health authorities, could be fined almost $10,000.

The truck driver travelled to Shepparton in September, with 3 new cases emerging since his visit.

It has also been reported the truck driver potentially passed the virus to his father.

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In response to the recent rise in cases in regional Victoria, health clinics on both sides of the border are stepping up testing rates.

North East Health Wangaratta is calling on people to get tested if they experience any symptoms of COVID-19.

The Murrumbidgee Local Health District will host a 3 day testing blitz across the region as well.

Scores of concerned residents turned up at testing clinics yesterday across regional Victoria, with queues up to 80 metres, prompted by the Melbourne man's visit to the region.

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the man has been referred to police for breaching restrictions and withholding information from authorities.

Call the NHW Screening Clinic Hotline on 1800 324 94 for an appointment.

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