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Tourism Needs Vaccination

Tourism Needs Vaccination

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Sector Confidence Way Down

As tourist operators throughout the north east and along the border struggle to adapt to ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions, the Victorian Tourism Industry Council says only mass vaccination will help us truly recover.

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Tourist operators are scrambling once again, after the worsening situation in NSW has thrown many school holiday plans into disarray.

Victorian Tourism Industry Council CEO Felicia Mariani says all the uncertainty is limiting the industry's ability to bounce back.

"This is going to continue to happen until, as a nation, we make the commitment to get significant vaccinations occurring across this country," Ms Mariani says. "It is absolutely our ticket out of this; we have got to see mass vaccination across the country. We cannot continue to put our citizens and our businesses at risk."

Ms Mariani says there has been a lot of government assistance for business, and that is very welcome, but it won't fix the problem.

"Whatever it is, it never compensates for what businesses have lost from these lockdowns.This is wreaking havoc on the industry, and it's wreaking havoc on the confidence level of consumers to actually book a holiday," she says.

"We need to just get our businesses open and we need the confidence to be able to stay open."

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