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Credit: Google Maps

Intersection chaos debate

Intersection chaos debate

Credit: Google Maps

Intersection chaos debate

The traffic chaos at Elizabeth Mitchell drive and Thurgoona drive in Thurgoona could be set to see a major change.

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The roundabout frustrates local motorists daily, taking up to twenty minutes to navigate the roundabout intersection during peak periods.

A proposal to install traffic lights at the intersection has some councilors concerned, arguing it will cause even more issues for drivers.

Councilor John Stuchbery is championing a change to a dual lane roundabout to ease congestion, however City Engineering Director Brad Ferris states that a roundabout would only be a 12 year solution where as traffic lights would have a lifespan of 20 years.

Councilor David Thurley agreed stating “we (should) only spend the money once, not do a half job and repeat it in a few years time, the public has heard about this concept and is happy with it and wants to see something happen soon.”

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