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Take care at Christmas

Take care at Christmas

Take care at Christmas

Wangaratta police are reminding people to, whilst having fun, have a safe Christmas and New Year period.

In the Wangaratta Chronicle, Leading Senior Constable Helen Parfett reminded us that we're "more vulnerable to violence and accidents when you've had too much to drink".

She said that "Alcohol affects everybody differently so get to know your personal limits and stick to them".

There are a few simple rules to follow which includes to "eat substantial food before and while drinking and drink water throughout the night".

"Never mix alcohol and drugs and never accept a drink you haven't seen the bar staff pour or you haven't opened yourself".

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"Don't leave drink unattended and keep and eye on your friends drinks as well. Remember thats of drinks can be spiked".

Plan ahead when going out and drinking alcohol; make sure that you have a designated driver and look out for each other.

If you feel unsafe or are in an emergency, call (000) triple zero.

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