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SS&A Closure Impacts

SS&A Closure Impacts

The Forced Closure Has Resulted In Significant Job Losses

Like many hospitality businesses, the SS&A has been hit hard after being forced to close since Monday afternoon, in line with national guidelines to help slow the spread of the corona virus.

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SS&A Chief Executive Officer Gerard Darmody says the forced closure has also resulted in significant job losses.

“Having to stand down a number of our staff has been a challenging time for all involved. Sadly, for our casual staff, more than 50 people, they have had their hours dry up immediately,” Mr Darmody told Kylie and Kev on 2AY.

“One of the most difficult impacts is on our full-time and part time staff, more than 50 employees who, through no fault of their own, have had to be stood down. We’ve been able to provide them with three weeks’ pay and access to annual leave, so hopefully that helps them through a period.

“It’s a very difficult and challenging time, but I must say I’ve been extremely proud of our staff and the way they’ve handled themselves, particularly over the weekend and into Monday.”

Mr Darmody says the business is now in a ‘hibernation’ and ready to move forward when they can.

“We’ve started planning already for what the future looks like when we eventually open the doors and go back to some normality. The challenge is not knowing when that will be, but we certainly have a positive mindset that we can bounce back, and move forward when we are able to.

“To our staff, suppliers and the community more broadly, we really appreciate what everyone is doing to try and navigate their way through this challenging time. To our members in particular, especially those loyal members who visit our venue on a regular basis, you are in our thoughts. Keep safe and well, and we looking forward to seeing you when this crisis passes.”

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