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Snake Sighted At Gardens

Snake Sighted At Gardens

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A snake has been sighted at the Albury Botanic Gardens. An image posted to the Facebook page "Albury Wodonga Photograpghy Group" shows a brown snake approximately 5 foot in length slithering across a path.

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Andrew Kirk was in the Albury Botanic Gardens when he snapped the picture of the snake and said the gardens staff were very calm "The gardening staff were very calm and professional telling guest in the gardens that may have been affected by the snake. The snake just wanted to get out of there".

It's not uncommon for snakes to be sighted at the Albury Botanic Gardens with signs warning visitors to be vigilant and on the lookout for snakes.

We are reminded, If you see a snake, keep calm and move yourself and anyone with you (including pets) away from the area.

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