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Locals Desperate to Rent

Locals Desperate to Rent

Rental Housing Crisis

A shortage of rental housing stock across the Border and Northeast is leading to desperation, and fears that some locals will be forced to leave the area in order to have a roof over their head.

With many owners selling rental properties to cash in during the ‘hot’ property market, and city dwellers moving to the regions to work remotely, the rental crisis is being felt across the region.

The issue was highlighted further after Member for Indi Helen Haines expressed her disappointment to Kylie and Kev that the issue wasn’t raised in the Federal Budget.

“It was disappointing to see that the Government hasn’t addressed the acute shortage of housing supply – there is no rental accommodation available,” Helen said.

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“People coming in wanting to come and work in the many jobs that are available are finding it impossible to rent a house and for many of them it’s even impossible to buy a house.

“We’re not seeing opportunities for younger workers who want to find somewhere to rent longer term, or in fact buy something a bit more affordable isn’t there, so it’s disappointing the Government hasn’t picked up on that.”

Federal Member for Farrer Sussan Ley offered her take on the housing shortage issue when speaking with Kylie and Kev.

“In one way, that’s not a bad problem to have, because the other problem is regions going backwards,” Sussan said.

“I’ve seen small towns in country areas with lots of vacant houses because there’s no workers, so I say to regional councils, there’s plenty of land, we’re not locked in like you are in the city. Get going with those development applications and build the houses.

“There’s definitely a bit of a lag at the moment, but we will catch up because we do have this space. The most important thing we can deliver people coming to our region is services – the budget has spent on infrastructure, roads, community infrastructure and councils get to choose how they spend it.”

Listeners to Kylie and Kev have contacted the co-hosts to share their stories, and the rental housing crisis will become a focus of interviews in the coming weeks.

“You can’t fix it overnight,” Kev said

“But the very real possibility is that at some point in time there could be somebody we know without a roof over their head – people who are gainfully employed, with good rental history - we’ve got a real problem there.”

Kylie and Kev would like to hear your story. Contact us at

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