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Problem Waste? No Problem

Problem Waste? No Problem


Albury City Disposing of Hazardous Materials for Free

A new educational campaign has been launched by AlburyCity in an effort to ensure that ”problem waste" is not a problem at all.

Problem waste items such as car batteries, oils, paint, fire extinguishers, gas bottles and fluoro lights contain hazardous materials that, when dumped in landfill, can cause fires and/or pollution.

To this end, Albury City is disposing of these types of waste for no charge at the Albury Waste Management Centre’s Community Recycling Centre.

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Albury City Councillor Henk van de Ven says this program has a range of benefits.

"Not only is it free to drop these items into designated bins at the Waste Management Centre, but by doing so, people can significantly reduce the likelihood of poisoning to humans and animals, and also eliminate the risks of contaminating our environment,” he said.

”So, if these kinds of items are gathering dust in your garage or shed, simply bring them to the centre in Mudge Street, Lavington, and drop them off without charge.”

Hazardous items will be transported off site for re-use and recycling, easing pressure on landfill and assisting with he community's Halve Waste program.

​”An ongoing social media and marketing campaign will remind our residents of how to safely dispose of this material and we look forward to seeing a safer and healthier environment for us all,” Cr van de Ven said.

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