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Premier Thanks Albury

Premier Thanks Albury

No Plans to Break From State-wide Restrictions in our ‘Clean Pocket’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has thanked the Albury and district community for having one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 cases in the state.

Speaking with Kylie & Kev, the Premier has praised the vigilance shown locally and acknowledges the tough economic impact restrictions are having on individuals

“Can I commend everybody in your community because you have one of the lowest rates of cases in the state,” Mrs Berejiklian said.

“It’s been a challenging time like no other. When you come off bushfires and the impact it had in regions, especially yours - Justin Clancy (Albury MP) and I spent quite a bit of time together in Southern NSW during that horrific time, and now to have to double up and make sure people are healthy and well and safe and the economy is still going is a huge challenge and when people make comparisons to the Great Depression you can understand

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Although the Albury electorate is a relatively ‘clean pocket’ compared to Sydney and other regions, the Premier has indicated that easing restrictions here ahead of others in the state would be unworkable.

“Justin Clancy and I were in close talks about this. For communities like this where Albury Wodonga is essentially one community, we’re very conscious of the fact that we don’t want to have a different policy across the state and certainly don’t want to close the border, so that means we’re really aiming towards having state-wide policies,” Mrs Berejiklian said.

“No matter where you are and what circumstances your community has, it just takes one or two people to really cause the numbers to go up suddenly, so we’re being very careful about those issues. “My message to the local community is, firstly, thank you for your patience, thank you for sticking with us and please know that once we’ve stabilised the situation, and now that schools are starting to go back next month, we’re in a position to look at what else we can free up as well.”

The Premier also emphasised her Government’s focus on stimulating the economy as much as possible. “As we know the health crisis is now an economic crisis as well, so it’s one thing to keep the community safe, but another thing to make sure we keep as many jobs going as possible, especially in those areas that have already been impacted by the bushfires. Some sectors in the economy like agriculture haven’t been as impacted as others and that’s welcome news I know to parts of your community.

“I’m always optimistic about the future. I believe inherently in the strength of our people and our resolve to move forward and I think that’s the sort of resolve that’s helped NSW weather the pandemic better than other places around the world and the resolve that will get us through.”

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