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P Plater's Car Impounded

P Plater's Car Impounded

Driver Performed Burnouts Outside Popular Albury Pub

A local driver has had his car impounded after performing a series of burnouts in Albury on Saturday night. The driver was observed performing burnouts by an off duty police officer, with one of the burnouts done outside a popular Albury pub.

The Albury Highway Patrol intercepted the vehicle and discovered a pair of wheels on the back seat with an electric rattle gun. The rear driving tyres were worn so badly from the burnouts that they were worn smooth, and large quantities of rubber inside the wheel guards.

The offending driver was the holder of a NSW P1 licence, held for just over 9 months.

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The driver was charged with aggravated burnouts, issued infringement notices for a number of vehicle standards offences as well as having his licence suspended on the spot.

The vehicle will go to the police impound yard for 3 months.

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