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Off Grid Living Festival

Off Grid Living Festival

Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

If you’re curious about living more sustainably or perhaps ‘off grid’, a local festival that showcases a diverse collection of ideas could be for you.

The Off Grid Living Festival in Eldorado gathers around 200 exhibitors ranging from tech savvy renewable energy experts and electric vehicle enthusiasts through to back-to-basics traditional crafts people, farmers, healers and homesteaders.

Founder Kate Nottingham says the festival will offer something for everyone.

“You might be someone who is designing a luxury home and you don’t want to connect it to mains, you want it to be off grid so we’ll have so many people there that can give advice in terms of energy, sustainable building methods and materials,” Kate explained.

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“Or you might just want to go back to basics – growing your own food and products and living off the grid in different ways.”

The impacts of COVID and lockdowns saw an increased interest in self-sufficiency over the past year which is likely to spark further curiosity in the sector.

“I think the COVID impact has made people want to have a lot more freedom in their lives given they stepped back from working so much, and made them prioritise self-sufficiency,” Kate said.

“One of the big things we saw in the COVID year was a huge uptake in home gardening, so that’s an area I think a lot of people will be coming along to get some more advice and see how they can expand on that, whether they’ve got a small urban garden, a larger homestead property or even a huge farm.

“We want people from all walks of life to come along and feel welcome to explore these topics.”

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