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O&M Round 13 Preview

  • O&M Round 13 Preview

Here's Cheers to the Greats of our Games

Wednesday week ago I attended the 2017 Ovens and Murray Hall of Fame.

Congratulations goes to Stan Sargeant, Paula Cary, Kevin Allan, Norm Bussell, Bob Craig & Les Parish. The 2017 Ovens and Murray Football-Netball League has inducted these greats into its Hall of Fame.

Not only do these wonderful people get inducted, but I believe their families do as well.

A footballer, netballer or administrator can't do what they enjoy without family support.

That's why I love seeing these legends get up and emotionally speak from the heart.

Talk about their family, the special bond they have with their teammates, opponents and supporters.

Over the years, big tough grown men and talented netballers (as Bob Craig put it) have a quiver in their voice because it means a hell of a lot and they are so very honoured.

They stand there on the night remembering and reminiscing their playing careers.

They talk about the same passion and determination that the talented players have today on the field or court.

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Yes, times have change and the footy and netball games might have changed as well, however, when these people graced the sporting fields it was game on.

Good old fashioned hard and tough football and netball. Always on the lookout for their teammates and respect, well, back then respect was bloody earned.

On and off field these stars of the Ovens and Murray conducted themselves properly all the time, not sometimes, all the time.

Dragging their teammates along with their brilliance and mental toughness these people are now Hall of Fame members of the Ovens and Murray and I believe their families who are so proud of them, they get inducted as well.

Our 2AY's O&MLIVE broadcast team is off to Myrtleford as the Saints host the Raiders. Join us live for prematch at 1pm on 1494 2AY as we take a look at the other games and you won't miss a thing.

Enjoy your day......... Naughto