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O&M Rd 16 Preview

  • O&M Rd 16 Preview

Pressure Building as Finals Loom Large

It's the run home to finals and things are really heating up.

In the last few weeks we have all seen some players getting reported or sighted for various mistakes made on the field.

As a player, we have always been told to go at the footy, and if the opponent has the ball, make sure you tackle hard.

These two things in particular are on the radar of all AFL clubs and the playing group.

I'm not saying for one minute that it's becoming a non-contact sport, but I think that the match review panel need to take a bit more time with a few decisions and maybe review their own system.

Jimmy Bartel and Michael Jamison join former players Michael Christian, Nathan Burke and Jason Johnson on the match review panel (MRP) for 2017.

Unfortunately I think they are under strict instructions from above to ensure player safety is number 1.

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I'm not totally convinced that they have got the last few weeks right at certain times and unfortunately we, the spectators, are left baffled.

Because players in the past have been suspended for very similar things, in my book, that's totally irrelevant.

Every case has to be looked at independently, on its own and discuss the evidence, not the previous similar act.

I also don't believe that a Brownlow medal or a Morris medal can't be won due to a heavy tackle or a careless bump.

It's a game that's not for the faint hearted and I guess that's why I love watching country footy games because it's game on and the hardness at the footy is on display each and every week and I think that at times the AFL players are confused at what's hard and what's not.

The 2AY O&M LIVE team travels to Yarrawonga this week for a cracking contest with the fast running Wodonga Raiders.

You can catch all of the action live from 1pm and you won't miss a thing.

Have a good day........ Naughto