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O&M Footy Preview Round 6

  • O&M Footy Preview Round 6

Farewell Lou, Welcome Back Local Footy.

As we all know, this past week they laid a VFL/AFL legend to rest.

Lou Richards was not only a legend on field, but his off field antics and enjoyment of the game is what a lot of us remember him for.

The funny and quite relaxed way he commentated the game of footy is a reminder not to take things so seriously.

I totally understand that back then, obviously, wasn't as politically correct as the world we live in now, however the way you decide to do something is your choice.

He decided to put a lighter side to the game of footy by making up some nicknames for players, jokes, stories and laughter.

Commentating teams across the land today are better for knowing or watching Lou and his team. It's not footy anymore unless it is enjoyable.

Each week I get the opportunity to be part of a team that enjoys our time together.

We travel to the footy together and love watching and calling the the game of the day.

We prepare all week and like they did back in Lou's day, we love the call and the banter that goes with it.

We certainly don't take ourselves seriously at all and the road trips home are quite often the best and funniest part filled with laughter as we dissect the game and discuss who would be the best players or who kicked the goal of the day.

Times might have changed since we grew up with Lou and his team calling footy, but I can tell you first hand that the enjoyment and excitement about football is still alive and well in our team as it was in his day.

We thank him and owe him a lot by broadcasting the game in a different light sometimes. Rest easy Lou Richards.

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This weeks broadcast game is a massive one that we have been waiting for.

Yarrawonga get a visit from the mighty Albury Tigers and this clash is a bit like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. A huge game for both clubs and it will definitely be hard to tip a winner.

The Rovers travel to Birralee park and take on the Raiders. The Raider lads are playing some great footy and will look to fine tune their game plan on the wide open space at home.

Lavington host the Hoppers in a contest that will see Nth Albury desperate to play well. The Panthers season has been up and down at times but I feel they will get things right in this game.

The Roos will make the trip to meet the Saints and it's going to be another hard game for them. The Myrtleford boys play their home ground really well and will be desperate for the points.

The Wangaratta and Wodonga game is also a ripper.
Two teams that have matched it with some heavyweights already this year and with both teams getting an injection of players returning, it is bound to be a close one.

I hope you sit back and enjoy our broadcast game (as much as we do) between Yarrawonga and Albury. Don't forget our pre-match is live from 1pm and you won't miss a thing.
Enjoy your day..........Naughto