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Driver Visits Locations

Driver Visits Locations

COVID Positive Driver Takes Caution As No Tier One Exposure Sites Listed

Albury Wodonga Health have confirmed that a COVID positive food delivery driver from NSW visited a number of locations across the North East over the past week.

These locations include:

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Wodonga's Rothman Alljoy Chinese Restaurant has been listed as a Tier Two exposure site, with a positive case attending the venue on September 8.

Meanwhile, Lee Corner Chinese Restaurant in Wodonga has also been closed temporarily after a delivery driver that attended the venue tested positive to COVID-19.

Beechworth's Chinese Village Restaurant had a COVID positive delivery driver visit the store on Thursday September 9 at 8.30am, which forced the closure of the restaurant.

Boschs Edwards Street Butchery Wangaratta was visited by a COVID positive delivery driver on Monday September 13 in the morning, with the shop closing until further notice.

Aroma Deli Cafe Wangaratta has closed it's doors temporarily, after a COVID positive delivery driver also visited the store the same day at around 7.30am.

Wangaratta's Treats Coffee Shop has closed temporarily, after a possible COVID-19 exposure this week.

Following a collective investigation by the Albury Wodonga Health Local Public Health Unit, and the Victorian Department of Health, no locations have been declared as official exposure sites, except Wodonga's Rothman Alljoy Chinese Restaurant

Contact tracing and risk assessments have shown that the individual had minimal contact with others, and was doing the right thing by wearing a mask.

As a result of the individual's diligence in practicing COVID-safe principles, the risk to the community is very small.

We will continue to keep you updated as more information arises.

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