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Neale Daniher Is Coming

Neale Daniher Is Coming

AFL Great Neale Daniher Is Coming To The Fight MND Game!

It's confirmed!

AFL great Neale Daniher is coming to the Fight MND Game between the Danihers and the 2AY All Stars!

Melissa Daniher spoke with Kylie & Kev and revealed that Neale is stoked with the support the MND Game has received and confirmed Neale's attendance. 'I've been speaking to Neale yesterday and excited to reveal to 2AY that Neale will be there on the day, thanks to the Joss group, pending on his health. His son Ben is going to be playing in the Daniher team and Neale is opting to be there on the day'. Melissa said.

The Danihers vs The 2AY All Stars Fight MND Game is on Saturday, March 23rd at the Albury Sports Ground.

Entry is via a gold coin donation.

Find out more info HERE

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