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Keeping Mice at Bay

Keeping Mice at Bay

Keeping Mice at Bay

Are you noticing an increase in mice around your house or property? A mouse researcher with the CSIRO offers some practical tips on keeping them at bay, and shares the impacts a mouse plague is having on communities further north.

Steve Henry from the CSIRO told Kylie and Kev, mouse numbers are in plague proportions in parts of NSW and are devastating farming communities.

“In Northern NSW From Dubbo north, it’s pretty terrible,” Steve said.

“Farmers up there are losing their summer crops and in some cases are ploughing those crops back into the ground because the mice have just taken everything,” he said.

“Our focus now is trying to provide some advice on how to protect the winter crop that will be sewn in late April and May and so our real focus is around protecting what’s to come.”

The scientist is quick to allay fears that the mouse plague is ‘on the march’, heading south towards us.

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“We try and get away from this whole idea of mice moving across the landscape in a wave,” Steve said.

“Mice are always present, basically everywhere, and as conditions become favourable for mice, those numbers start to increase and increase until all of these small populations get together and you have mice all over the place, so that’s what’s happened in NSW.

“If you’re in some of these major regional centres like Albury and Wodonga and you’ve got a few mice in your house, spare a thought for those people further north. I heard one person taking 60 mice out of their house in a night and some councils are having trouble dealing with the sheer volume of dead mice being putting into garbage bins.”

If you’re looking for some remedies to deter mice from your home, Steve offers this advice.

“Get down to the hardware store and get those commercially available bait blocks,” he said.

“Have a look around your house and shove steel wool into all of those small cracks that are around pipes where they come into the house from outside, and get some door seals on your external doors. Be really vigilant about food sources that are outside, such as pet food.”

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