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Local Staff In Isolation

Local Staff In Isolation

Business Lists Potential Exposure Time Period

Two local businesses across the region have closed as a precaution after a Covid-19 infected passed through.

Reece Civil issued an email to their customers stating a potential exposure period of 12:30pm to 2:10pm on Monday September 13.

"We’ve identified that someone from your business has visited our Civil branch in Albury during the potential COVID-19 exposure period of 12.30pm to 2.10pm on Monday, 13 September.

The branch will undergo a deep clean and will reopen with a backup team as soon as possible, while the usual crew gets tested and awaits a negative result.

While we have stringent social distancing, hygiene, and cleaning processes in place, we recommend you follow NSW health advice to get tested and isolate until your result".

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Further to this, a restaurant in Beechworth posted on Facebook that they will close as a precaution, after a delivery driver passed through the restaurant who had Covid-19.

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