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Livestock Thefts Increase

Livestock Thefts Increase

Local farmers Warned

Farmers are being warned about an increase in livestock theft across the north east and border region.

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Local police believe the massive increase in prices for livestock over the past 12 months could be behind a recent spate of livestock thefts from rural properties in the Moira and Wodonga Shires.

"When stock become valuable they become a target for thieves," they said.

"Prices for livestock have increased in the last 12 months with sheep currently making over $350 a head through the saleyards, and cattle are often worth as much as $2000 a head."

They've issued a series of tips for local farmers to keep their livestock safe: ensure all stock are identified at an early age; keep receipts/records of any purchase as proof of ownership; keep track of any agisted stock and their markings; check stock numbers regularly, especially those out of view from the homestead; ensure your fencing is secure and external gates have locks; locate stock yards away from public roads and close to home, and don’t leave yarded stock unattended; secure loading ramps and stockyards at remote locations, to prevent unauthorised use.

If you see or hear of unusual movements of stock, you should record the time, date, location, description of suspicious vehicles and people, then contact Crime Stoppers or the local police Farm Crime Liaison Officer.

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