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Vaccination Optimism

Vaccination Optimism

Vaccination Optimism

If you’re looking for inspiration about life post-COVID vaccination, Kylie & Kev tracked down a resident from England’s second biggest city who shared his observations.

Harry Fowler from Birmingham was one of millions of UK residents who suffered through extensive lockdowns and is one of millions who are now fully vaccinated.

“The figure is up to about 40 million people who have had their first dose, which is about two-thirds of the population, and about 28 million who are fully vaccinated,” he said.

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“They’ve just announced people aged 25-plus can book in now. Restrictions are being lifted, and broadly speaking, things are loosening up. We’re almost back to normal now.

“The spirit around the vaccination process has been fantastic. There are hundreds of thousands of volunteers, people giving up their time to help with parking and queuing, it’s just a really great atmosphere and a feeling of optimism.”

Harry says people in the UK are feeling much safer and much more confident, but there’s still one thing they’re craving.

“The only thing that hasn’t happened yet without restrictions is international travel,” he told Kylie and Kev.

“We have hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions actually who go abroad to Europe for holidays – France, Italy, Spain, so that’s the big issue at the moment.”

While there were elements of ‘anti-vaxxers’ expressing their concerns in the UK, Harry says the overwhelming majority of residents were happy to roll up their sleeves.

“There was talk about ‘will I or won’t I’, but the take-up is the acid test, and when it comes to the crunch, I think most people thought, ‘let’s do it!’

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