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The man joins his castle

The man joins his castle

This Beechworth statue should go straight to the pool room

The classic line from the 1997 move the castle is that a man's home is his castle.

Well what good is a castle without a man.

Last year Beechworth's George Fendyk bought the iconic weatherboard home used in the film.

He plans to have it as a centrepiece for his new Mayday Hills park, which is before Indigo Shire for approval.

The newest addition to Castle shrine is a wooden carving of the film's star Michael Caton, who played the role of Daryl Kerrigan.

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The pine creation is set to greet visitors to the park, which Mr Fendyk told the Border Mail should be ready in time for Easter, provided the council doesn't tell him he's dreaming..

In the mean time, the statue, which is worthy of going straight to the pool room, will be allowed to sit back, look at the power lines and take in all of the serenity.

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