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Older Jobseeker Dilemma

Older Jobseeker Dilemma

Workers With Plenty to Give

When 62 year old Wodonga resident Stephen sold his business, he never expected he’d still be looking for a job six months later.

While several industries and businesses claim they are desperate for workers, Stephen’s experience indicates he may be missing out, due to his age.

In desperation, he contacted the Neil Mitchell Program to explain his dilemma.

“I’m very fit, very healthy, I’ve run hotels, motels and nightclubs for the past 40 years, so I’m very skilled up, but I can’t get a look in as soon as they know my age,” he said.

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A few days later, Kylie and Kev followed up with Stephen to see if his plea for a job had resulted in any success.

“The phone went crazy and I had a lot of people ring up and offer me work,” he said.

“Yesterday APCO rang me, the manager of APCO right around the country and said ‘they tell me you’re looking for work. Ring up this lady Jo at APCO in Albury and we’ll get you working’. Sure enough, Jo and I spoke yesterday and 10.30am this morning I’m going in to sign contracts and I start Monday,” Stephen explained.

While Stephen’s story has resulted in a positive outcome, he’s concerned about the wider implication for others in his age bracket.

“All of us deserve a chance to at least speak to people and pass on our knowledge,” he said.

“There’s a lot of us out there with a lot of skills. We were doing a lot this stuff before these kids were born who are supposed to be interviewing us. There’s a lot of us out there with ten or 12 years left in us in the workforce and we have a lot of time to train up young staff and bring them through the ranks.

“We’ve got a lot to offer, we really have," Stephen said.

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