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JobKeeper Cliff Coming

JobKeeper Cliff Coming

Social services prepare for influx

Local food banks and support services are bracing themselves for increased demand in April, now that government supports are being wound back.

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JobKeeper came to an end over the weekend and, from April, the coronavirus supplement is being removed from JobSeeker.

The JobSeeker payment will now roughly equate to $44 per day, which support services say is not enough.

"You can't live on that amount of money," says Peter Matthews, General Manager of Albury Wodonga Regional Foodshare.

"There's going to be pressures on household budgets and, inevitably, when there's pressures on household budgets most people will pay the rent, the mortgage, the power bills, and then food become discretionary."

Foodshare supply healthy food hampers to families in need, and also distribute food to other support services all across the north east and border region.

In the wake of the changes, they are calling for more donations of food or money, and for volunteers.

"We're preparing for a 50 to 60 per cent increase in demand," Mr Matthews explains.

"The challenge for us will be getting sufficient volunteers to do all the tasks that are required. We rely heavily on our volunteer workforce and the good people who come and help us every day."

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