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Illegal Hunting NorthEast

Illegal Hunting NorthEast

Think twice before you hunt illegally

The Game Management Authority and police have teamed up to crack down on illegal hunting activities in the North East.

It comes after 4 men pleaded guilty to illegal spotlighting, firearm offences and illegal shooting in the Buffalo Valley area last year.

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They pleaded guilty in the Sunshine Magistrates Court and were ordered to pay a combined total of almost $6,000, were placed on 12-month good behaviour bonds and had their firearms and equipment forfeited and destroyed.

As part of a joint agency patrol, the Game Management Authority (GMA) teamed up with Victoria Police officers from Bright, Whitfield and Wangaratta, to target areas where community members had reported illegal hunting activity occurring at night.

A total of five firearms, nearly 500 live rounds of ammunition, ten high-powered torches and spotlights, one thermal imaging unit and a number of dead protected animal species, including possums and birds, were found and seized by GMA Officers and police.

All four men admitted to hunting the protected wildlife at night and one of them did not have a Firearms Licence.”

G-M-A Director of Compliance and Intelligence Paul Stevens says that people who hunt in Victoria need to make sure that they are familiar with the laws, are not hunting illegally and hold the appropriate licences.

What is illegal hunting?

Illegal hunting includes:

- hunting without the appropriate license

- not securing guns appropriately while transporting them

- hunting at the wrong time of day or the wrong time of year, there are some species that can only be hunted at certain times.

- carrying spotlights after dark in recognised deer habitat

- shooting game on or across private property without permission from the land owner.

- Important responsible and ethical behaviours include:

- ensuring the animal is killed swiftly and humanely

- harvesting as much meat as possible

- ensuring carcasses are not left in public view, near walkways, roads or near waterways.

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