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Firefighter Killed

Firefighter Killed

Freakish Weather Lifted The Firetruck Off The Ground

A young volunteer firefighter has died in a tragic accident while battling the Green Valley fire in the Jingellic Talmalmo Area.

Superintendent Patrick Westwood has confirmed a firefighter has been killed as the result of extreme weather conditions.

“I am sure that the community of the Southern Border team area will understand that we have support underway for the fire fighter’s family at present”.

Fire fighter Samuel McPaul was involved in a freakish weather event that involved extreme strong winds that lifted a 10 tonne appliance off the ground; landing on it roof. This trapped all three members of the crew one sustained fatal injuries. The driver received minor burns and the third member of the crew suffered serious burns and was transported to a Melbourne Hospital for treatment.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and the RFS Senior Chaplin Ian Spall joined Superintendent Westwood spending time over night with the family of fire fighter Sam McPaul. The RFS will continue the support of Sam’s family over the coming months.

Superintendent Westwood further stated “As everyone would understand this is a very, very sad day for the NSW Rural Fire Service family locally and across the State”.

Four of our fire fighters have received burns and have been transported to Albury Base and major Hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne for treatment and at least two of our appliances have been damaged on the fire ground today.

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The fire has crossed the Murray River and the RFS will be assisting the CFA with the continuing fire fight over the coming days. The NSW Rural Fire Service is currently assessing the fire ground to assist with planning for the coming days fire fight. There have been minimal initial reports of property and stock losses however, we will continue to assess the area in daylight to confirm the full extent of any losses.

At present our crews on the fire ground are continuing to provide property protection in the River Road and Jingellic area. The current weather conditions in the Green Valley Fire area remains erratic and we are facing a very difficult fire weather day again tomorrow.

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