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2019 Federal Election

2019 Federal Election

Farrer & Indi Election Results

Sussan Ley will continue in her position as the member for Farrer after brushing off a challenge from independent Kevin Mack.

After 81% of the votes being counted, Mr Mack recieved 39.11% of the votes, while Ms Ley received 60.89% on a two candidate preferred basis for Farrer.

Mr Mack has congratulated Ms Ley on her victory.

The division of Indi was a much closer battle with Independent Helen Haines claiming victory.

The vote was very close throughout the evening with Dr Haines saying the vote 'was on a knife-edge'.

With 79% of the votes counted, Helen Haines receiving 51.64% of the votes, while Liberal Steve Martin receiving 48.36% on a two candidate preferred basis.

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On Saturday night, Mr Martin sent Dr Haines a message of congratulations, but stopped short of conceding defeat with postal and absentee votes still yet to be counted.

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