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Extra Police

Extra Police

20 new officers in the North East

Almost 20 new police officers have commenced across Wangaratta and Wodonga since July, as part of the biggest investment in regional policing in Victoria Police’s 167-year history.

In March, it was announced the Wangaratta and Wodonga Police Service Areas would receive 18 additional police over the coming twelve months - the most significant number of new police ever provided to these areas in one allotment.

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Since this announcement, all of the new police officers have started including ten frontline constables at Nathalia, Numurkah, Wangaratta and Rutherglen. Three Sergeants have also commenced at Wodonga and one at Wangaratta.

In addition, four new criminal investigators are already embedded within the local community.

These police are part of 788 new police and 25 Protective Services Officers (PSOs) being deployed across the state in 2020/21, which includes more than 350 frontline police bound for regional Victoria.

The new police are funded as part of the State Government’s Community Safety Statement, which is responsible for the deployment of 2,729 new officers across the state between 2018 and 2022.

Superintendent Joy Arbuthnot said the allocation of additional general duty police and specialist police to the Wangaratta and Wodonga areas means they can provide further enhanced police response for the local community.

“In Moira, the arrival of five new frontline police, combined with the detectives at Cobram CIU will allow us to extend our service to a night shift presence. We know the community have been concerned about this and are looking forward to having a 24/7 presence by Christmas.”

“Three additional Sergeant’s now based at Wodonga have also been integral to the launch of our CommConnect program of engagement, tailored to work with and among our community on localised community safety issues.”

“More police officers connecting with their communities, whether it’s through foot patrols or on the roads, is a priority for us, and these additional police allow us to make this possible.”

“Following the recent bushfires that affected the community and surrounds so heavily, it is really pleasing to be able to provide additional resourcing that will allow us to be better prepared for the upcoming fire season and emergency management and response moving forward.”

“The increase in detectives will enhance community safety by focusing on the investigation of crimes with high victim impact and property related crime and will enable an increased focus on the prevention of crime through the proactive engagement and management of recidivist offenders and Registered Sex Offenders, and engagement with support and referral agencies.”

A full breakdown of the 18 additional police officers allocated over the course of 2020/21 can be found below:

General duties police (14)

  • Wodonga (5)
  • Wangaratta (9)

Shared divisional resources (4)

  • Divisional Criminal Investigation Unit (4)

This is in addition to 10 additional officers allocated to the Wangaratta Division in 2019/20.

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