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El Nino temperatures

El Nino temperatures

El Nino temperatures

Weather in the North East is predicted to hold some ferocious temperatures which should commence this Friday and Saturday with 39 degrees.

The Bureaus Andrew Tupper says we are still in a El Nino warning faze.

"We're still in an El Nino alert phase but that is not likely to depress the rainfall outlook much. It is warm everywhere, there's not a lot we can do about that unfortunately warmer days, warmer nights are really highly likely. But the rainfall outlook is at least average for all of Victoria, for parts of Northern Victoria might be a little bit wetter than average but it's not a really strong probability".

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Mr. Tupper says the weather may in fact contain some tropical moisture.

"There are no strong trends that are pushing us towards continued dryness, summer is always really variable obviously with rainfall, but at least there's nothing depressing that we might, for example, get some tropical moisture but here's hoping we at least get average".

It should reach a top of 27 Tuesday, with a sunny day.

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