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Source: PIXNIO

Duck Hunt Starts Today

Duck Hunt Starts Today

Source: PIXNIO

Police Will be Actively Monitoring Hunters

Police will be out in the region as duck hunting season gets started today.

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The season will last 20 days, closing 30 minutes after sunset on Monday 14 June 2021.

Victoria Police works with the Game Management Authority (GMA) to deter any illegal or unsafe behaviour.

"There's always potential for accidents," says Police Commander Paul Marshall.

"We really value the lawful, recreational shooters and hunters, and we also value people who go about their lawful protest activity."

They said a big concern is the safe and secure storage of guns and ammunition.

"We're really concerned about firearms being left in cars and them being stolen out of cars wherever they get left," says Commander Marshall.

"“Failure to comply with firearm storage requirements can result in penalties or even imprisonment, but the consequences can be far worse if your firearm is lost or stolen.”

He also says they will be working with GMA to enforce hunting restrictions and bag limits.

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