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Digital Licence Trial

Digital Licence Trial

Albury Drivers Invited To Participate in Trial

Albury postcodes 2640 and 2641 are invited to participate in a digital drivers licence trial.

The Digital Driver Licence is the electronic version of the NSW Driver Licence available on your smartphone through the Service NSW app. It is in addition to the plastic card and available for free to existing licence holders.

The Digital Driver Licence trial

The trial tests the functionality and effectiveness of the Digital Driver Licence. Your insights will help identify changes that may support the statewide roll-out which is due to commence in 2019.


You can be one of the first to get it in NSW if you hold a NSW Driver Licence (including learners and provisional) and you live in:

  • Albury (postcodes 2640, 2641)

To be involved in the trial, go to the RMS website for more information

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