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Controlled Burns

Controlled Burns

Controlled Burns In The Berringama Plantation near Shelley

The CFA performed controlled burns west of Corryong on Tuesday ahead of the predicted dangerous conditions forecast later this week. Vic Emergency say temperatures are forecast to increase by the end of this week and have the potential to increase fire activity. There is potential for this fire to merge with other fires currently burning nearby in Victoria and in New South Wales.

Community meetings are scheduled across the coming days and we are being advised to monitor the Vic Emergency website for community information.

The watch and Act is still in place for the areas of Biggara, Tintaldra, Towong, Walwa, Berringama, Burrowye, Koetong, Lucyvale, Nariel Valley, Shelley, Colac Colac, Corryong, Cudgewa, Cudgewa North, Dartmouth, Guys Forest, Mount Alfred, Thowgla, Thowlga Upper, Thowlga Valley , Bullioh, Georges Creek, Glen Valley , Granya, Mitta Mitta, Talgarno, Tallangatta Valley and surrounding communities.

With the help of milder weather conditions and light rainfall, firefighters have been able to slow the spread of fire for now. The situation can change at any time. You must continue to monitor conditions and be ready to act.

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Road closure changes:

Murray Valley Highway from Bullioh to Corryong

  • For access past the Traffic Management Points, residents must provide photo ID and proof of residency for access to Corryong.
  • The Murray Valley Highway will be open between 7.00am to 8.00pm each day.
  • The road will be closed at 8.00pm each day at Bullioh and Corryong. You will not be able to return after this time. It is unsafe to drive on this road at night.
  • This road is subject to closure at any time based on fire risk or operational activity.
  • Drive to conditions and obey all instructions from emergency service personnel and signs. Visibility due to smoke is poor and animals and wildlife will be moving across the landscape.
  • Speed will be limited to 60 km/h.
  • Residents will not be able to access property that is not accessible from the Murray Valley Highway.
  • It is possible returning residents entering this restricted area could become isolated and unable to leave the area for extended periods of time due to changing conditions or fire behaviour that may impact the road.
  • Access to Corryong is only via the Murray Valley Highway. All other access routes in the area will not be open. Multiple other road closures remain in place.
  • Essential and emergency services in Corryong may not be connected and will be limited, including electricity and water supply.Residents can only return if they are self-sufficient. This means you will need to have your own supplies of food, water, medication and fuel.
  • Areas outside the built up area of Corryong have not been assessed as safe and are not accessible. Residents should restrict their travel to built up areas of the Corryong township only.

The following roads remain closed:

Guys Forest Road

From: Murray River Road, Burrowye To: Shelley-Walwa Road, Guys Forest

Shelley-Walwa Road (C547)

From: Murray Valley Highway, Shelley To: Church Street, Walwa

Burrowye Road

From: Guys Forrest Road, Burrowye To: Murray Valley Highway, Koetong

Cudgewa Valley Road (C548)

From: Murray Valley Highway, Cudgewa to: Murray River Road, Tintaldra

Benambra-Corryong Road (C545)

From Benambra to Colac Colac

Murray River Road (C546, C542)

From: Granya Road To: Cudgewa Valley Rd

Current Information on road closures is available on the VicTraffic website ( or call 13 11 70 for road closures.

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