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Grants Making a Difference

Grants Making a Difference

A Community Chest Success Story

One of last year’s recipients of the 2AY Community Chest has encouraged other not-for-profit, community organisations to apply for funding.

Jane Carrington, Principal of Aspect Riverina School says the $10,000 grant their school received last year went towards a literacy program for students with autism.

“We were very keen to put some direct instruction literacy across our juniors and wanted a particular program that’s been really well researched through Macquarie University,” Ms Carrington said.

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“The money from the Community Chest has been able to provide two-day training for 15 teachers plus extensive resources for five different classrooms that is not only used this year, but onto the next year and the next, so it will benefit every cohort that comes through the school.”

The program is only in its infancy, but has already made a big difference in learning outcomes for students.

“We did the training last year after we received a grant and rolled out the program at the beginning of this term and we’re now into week eight and we’re seeing the results with the students,” explained Ms Carrington.

“They are so much more confident with their vowels, their consonants and sounding out words, it’s fantastic to watch. The structure of this program also allows teachers to upskill themselves as they’re teaching students, it’s just brilliant. We’re delighted, it’s made such a huge difference.”

In partnership with Border Trust and the Geoff & Helen Handbury Foundation, 2AY invites submissions for relevant organisations seeking to deliver community-based projects to register for a share of grants. Grant round closes April 5.


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