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Tourist Towns ‘Grateful’

Tourist Towns ‘Grateful’

North East Towns Rejoice A Change Of Fortune

It’s been a challenging 12 months for North East towns and businesses who rely on trade from visitors and they’re rejoicing their change of fortune this summer.

Although many towns weren’t directly impacted by bushfires last year, the tourists were turned away, then COVID-19 restrictions hit.

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Iconic North East business Bright Brewery is one of many destinations that have sprung back to life, with owner Scott Brandon relieved.

“We’re absolutely stoked to see all the visitors coming back and Bright being back to its usual busy summer destination,” Scott told Kylie & Kev.

“The easiest way to describe it is a massive sigh of relief. To go through what we went through with the bushfires and then just as we were getting on our feet to be hit with COVID and all the closures – to still to be standing at the end of it and see everyone coming back is a massive relief.”

While the brewery owner is happy to be welcoming visitors again, he’s mindful of the impact that the border closure has had on colleagues north of the Murray River.

“I understand that can be really challenging. Like a lot of businesses, we changed our business model last year. All you can do is try and get creative and try and find other ways to keep your business running and just hang in there.”

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