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Cane Toad Found Locally

Cane Toad Found Locally

Cane Toad Found at Jindera

Local experts say they’ve never heard of a cane toad being found alive in our region prior to the discovery of the pest in Jindera last week.

Murray Local Land Services Manager of Biosecurity and Emergency Services, Geoff Corboy told Kylie and Kev it highlights the importance of being vigilant.

“It’s a very unusual thing for our region,” he said.

“I’ve never heard of it in my 30 odd years in the game. Hopefully it’s a one-off that’s hitch hiked a ride from Northern NSW or Queensland and decided to fall off at Jindera and was on its own hopefully.

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“We’ve had a bit of a look around and talked to the neighbours and haven’t found anything else, but we’ll be on the look-out to check if any others pop up in the near future.”

The public has been asked to report any suspected cane toads, but should not be killed until positively identified.

“Just keep an eye out for any unusual ugly looking toads or frogs,” Geoff said.

“If you think it might be a cane toad, which can be a yellow brown up to a dark black colour – if it’s unusual, grab hold of it, put it in a box and contact either Agriculture Victoria or NSW DPI and get it identified. If it’s a local, let it go, if it’s a cane toad, someone will come out and get it.”

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