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Bushfire Season Starts

  • Bushfire Season Starts

Bushfire Season Starts

Permits must be obtained for anyone lighting a fire once the NSW Bushfire Danger Period starts on October 16.

The NSW Rural Fire Service Southern Border Team says the season is being brought forward 2 weeks earlier than usual due to unseasonably dry conditions, and will apply to Albury City, Greater Hume, Federation and Berrigan Local Government Areas.

Inspector Craig Warwick says permits will not apply for all fire activity.

"Pile Burns won't be allowed to be done in that time with the permits, it will only be cropping areas that will be given permits, and it will be up to the permit-issuing officer. It's only on days of total fire bans that camping fires will be banned, but all people must be taking extra care when lighting fires when camping."

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The CFA is yet to determine a starting date for the Bushfire Season south of the Border.