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Image: Pixabay

Federal Budget

Federal Budget

Image: Pixabay

What Does It Mean To The Border Region

Memeber for Farrer, Sussan Ley spoke with 2AY's Kylie and Kev about the federal budget and what it means to us here on the Border .

Ms Ley says this budget is a particularly big budget but the main focus across Australia is to get people back to work.

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It will include tax cuts for most workers, hiring credits for businesses and most important to our region is the focus this budget has on small business which is a major component of our region.

Ms Ley says it will not only be a good budget for small business but to farmers as well..

With the "Asset Write Off" farmers and business owners will be able to use it without a restriction on total amount spent.

The Regional Development Fund will see more money going into councils for much needed work to get regional centres up to speed for those considering a move to the country from the city. Ms Ley says moves to the country are a reality being drawn to her attention.

Regarding her own portfolio of the "environment" the Member says money is going into National Parks.

Whilst people can't travel overseas, they can still travel around Australia and these destinations are most attractive.

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