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Border Businesses Strong

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Reports Show Positive Signs for Local Businesses

Border and North East Small and Medium business sentiment is looking strong according to new reports.

The inaugural Xero Small Business Insights report reveals our SMEs are experiencing slightly better cash flow, are being paid sooner and increasing their number of staff.

Xero Australia Managing Director, Trent Innes, says they're seeing improvements across a range of key measures.

"The Xero Small Business Insights are showing some positive signs for local businesses. So when we have a look across the aggregated data, we saw that cashflow is actually on the improve and payment times are coming down, which is very positive."

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Meanwhile, Simon Welch from Chorus Consulting says the recently completed Compass Benchmarking survey also showed a very positive outlook.

"Border businesses are talking about they're expecting growth in the year ahead, they're expecting, largely, to be employing more people, and their challenges sort of flow from that. The things that are worrying them in a strategic sense are things like capturing more market share, getting greater awareness of their brand, so it's a real positive picture for Border business."