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Eco Friendly Tips & Tricks

Eco Friendly Tips & Tricks

Be Inspired By Green Cleaning

If you’re after some practical tips or ‘life hacks’ surrounding eco-friendly cleaning, cooking or gardening, then The Ace Book Club book of the month for April is a must read.

The book is the accumulation of knowledge and trial and error by mother and daughter team Alisa and Cynthia Mayne.

“Mum and I actually wrote this ten years ago, and I think this might be the fifth updated edition now,” Alisa explained.

“We grew up self-sufficiently with mum and dad until I was seven, and I’ve been in the food industry, running businesses for 25 years, so we’ve combined our knowledge with lots of simple life tips – some are tried and tested and been around for ages, others are just new techniques to put into your house.

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“There are tips to live a simpler life with less chemicals, still being hygienic with the world we’re in now with COVID – it’s super important, but also not consuming so much,” Alisa told Kylie and Kev.

Common ingredients including bi-carb of soda, lemon and vinegar make up a starting list for beginners, but among Alisa’s favourite green cleaning tips is utilising the power of the sun.

“Not making your bed is my favourite of all the tips in the book and is something I live by,” Alisa explained.

“The power of the sun is incredible, if you just pull your sheets right back every day and let your bed bake in the sun – which has some incredible healing, cleaning and practical sides to it as well, it’s amazing. The same with your pillows. Take them outside and bake them every chance you get.”

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