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Body Worn Cameras Coming

Body Worn Cameras Coming

North East Police To Wear Body Cameras

Wodonga and Wangaratta Police will be more effective with body worn cameras to be distributed to the Police in North East Victoria this week.

More than 800 devices were deployed throughout Victoria in 2018 with a total of 11,000 cameras to be used by 2020.

The small video cameras worn on the uniform of police officers can capture video and audio evidence, and are expected to improve community safety and justice outcomes. Footage from BWC's will primarily be used as evidence in court, and for investigative purposes.

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Police will turn the cameras on when they are:

- interacting with the public

- exercising police powers

- arresting someone

- issuing an infringement

- collecting evidence

- conducting vehicle stops

- undertaking drug and alcohol or drug tests

The NSW Police begun using the cameras last year.

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