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Baranduda Supermarket

Baranduda Supermarket

To Be Located On Verbena Street And Arnica Circuit

Plans have been revealed for the development of a Neighbourhood Convenience Centre at Baranduda. The proposal is in accordance with the Wodonga Growth Strategy which seeks to provide land use direction in relation to the location and preferred form of growth within the city.

For the supermarket plan to go ahead, rezoning of the land is required. The amendment proposed is to rezone the land from a general residential zone to mixed use zone.

The location of the Supermarket is on the corner of Verbena Street and Arnica Circuit in Baranduda.

Comments such as "About time" and "Hell yes got my vote" have been mentioned on social media.

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The amendment is on public exhibition until January 10, 2020 with hard copies are available the the council's Hovell St offices and the Baranduda Community Centre.

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