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Bright Mum’s Innovation

Bright Mum’s Innovation

Milkdrop Wins Amazon Grant

When a Bright mum had difficulty using a breast pump to feed her daughter, she put her engineering skills to the test to find a better solution.

Alex Sinickas says it was through necessity that she decided to completely re-design the traditional breast pump, which has now been recognised by Amazon Australia.

“I have a two-year-old daughter, who I ended up on the wrong end of a breast pump to feed her for the first little while, and it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience,” Alex said.

“Of every ten women who use a breast pump to express milk, seven of them have nipple pain and damage, and eight say they feel like a cow.

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“I happen to be an engineer, and worked with friends to build a silicon pad that stretches over the head of the pump to make it a lot softer, more comfortable, less nipple pain and swelling and that sort of thing.

“Now we’re working on a completely new breast pump, which you can pop inside your bra with no cords or cables. You can just walk around and wear it, so that’s the invention,” Alex said.

Known as Milkdrop, Alex’s invention has been awarded a $200K Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant, designed to help Aussie start-ups and entrepreneurs with unique products to reach their potential and succeed.

“Amazon is really big, especially in the United States which is where we’re hoping to export,” Alex told Kylie and Kev.

“We’re so small and nobody knows about us yet, so Amazon can help spread the word so more mums who are pumping can be aware that it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. It will be a big benefit and big change in our business.”

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