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Amanda's Brave Battle

Amanda's Brave Battle

Amanda Ward Fighting Brain Cancer with Fundraising

Being diagnosed with a benign brain tumor has only spurred local business owner and identity Amanda Ward to an inspiring quest to help find a cure for brain cancer.

Amanda is currently attempting to raise $10,000 in funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, and is set to sacrifice her hair on June 29 at a special event.

Amanda says a number of top bidders will be offered the opportunity to be one of the select few to snip off a lock of hair at a specially planned event.

Already having raised in excess of $3,500, Amanda is well on the way to achieving her fundraising goal.

Donations can be made via Amanda's fundraising page, by clicking here.

Amanda caught up with Thomo during the Arvo Show today (Tuesday May 22) to talk more about her experience and the fundraising. Listen in above.

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The special event where Amanda will lose her locks is planned for Friday June 29 from 4pm, and will be held at Amanda's Gardens Compounding Pharmacy in Albury.

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