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Avalanche warning

Avalanche warning

High country on alert as avalanche warnings roll in

Cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy snowfall recently has increased the risk of avalanches in Victoria’s back-country alpine areas.

Hume Regional Controller Stephen Grant said the significant amount of snowfall overnight onto an existing firm base of snow means there is a considerable risk today and into tomorrow.

“People in the alpine areas skiing, snowboarding or hiking in back-country alpine areas should exercise caution and remain alert,” Mr Grant said.

“Warmer temperatures are expected tomorrow however the avalanche risk will remain, especially in high alpine environments over 1500 metres.”

“It’s important for people to stay informed and attuned to the conditions.”

The State Emergency Service has issued an Advice message to warn the community of the risk in the back-country alpine areas.

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Ski resorts will be undertaking avalanche control work to minimise any hazards within resorts.

People skiing or snowboarding in those areas are asked to use maintained and monitored slopes.

VICSES also advised those driving in the area should take care, stay on the main roads and observe
any road closures.

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